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What we do

We offer our expertise in telecommunication network operation and maintenance, telecommunications network equipment's and machines supply, installation, commissioning and associated electrical power works, and civil work on a turnkey basis. Power & Network Back-Up Ltd Top management is committed to provide site construction, tower erection, Refueling, Operation and Maintenance, Electronics/Hardware Equipment’s installation, Non-Telecommunication and DIB (Dedicated Internet Bandwidth) for Telecom and Electrical power operators to all our interested parties through our integrated Safety, Environment and Quality Management System. As we deliver our products and services, we shall maintain effective, reliable, leading edge and problem free, with safety, quality and environmental protection as the highest priorities in all that we do.

Our services

Site Acquisition

We are able to offer a full suite of site acquisition services, covering the following:

- Site Surveys coordinated with radio planning

- Landlord negotiations

- All general permit handling including council and land board approvals

- Environmental impact assessments

- Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

Wireless Access (BSS)

Our qualified technical staff carry out the following

- Network design

- Project management

- Installation and commissioning

- Integration and Optimization


Of all major vendors base stations, base station controllers and transcoders. More than 500 hundred Base stations & associated

Civil Works

We construct and design all types of Telecom Sites, Tower, access roads, build to specification. With a verifiable track record of high quality site builds you can trust us to deliver always. Our proper quality control procedures ensure that all projects are delivery on quality, time and budget as per contract specification.

- Installation of electrical power and lighting systems, smoke alarms, RCD’s & switchboards
- Standby generators, supply, installation, testing and commissioning 
- Electrical Design & Construction
- Property Management – electrical maintenance and new installations
- Electrical asset maintenance
- Design of electrical systems
- Underground electrical supply, installation and maintenance 
-  Electrical compliance, testing and commissioning 
- Switchboard & metering alterations 


- Energy management systems / power audits light and power installation
- Exit and emergency lighting
-  Electrical and instrumentation works,
- Installation of switchgear and control systems, 
- Underground cabling, supply, Installation and commissioning 
- Rooms and MCC’s, Conveyors and materials handling systems, 
-  Lightening protection, Surge / overvoltage, protection installation and maintenance 
- 24/7 maintenance and servicing support 
- High tension and low tension transmission and distribution 
- Air-conditioning supply installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance

Electrical works

Having experienced both the highs and lows within the telecom market, we have perfected our professionalism, commitment and flexibility skills required when dealing with any Telecom project. At Power & Network, we have enough expertise to ensure your projects are in very capable hands no matter how big or small their requirements.

At Power and Network, we have inculcated a culture of inclusivity, where every team member, in every role at every level, feels they can bring a telling change to the progress of the company.

We have implemented the power of networking through our departments and individuals, while promoting community social responsibility aimed at achieving great satisfaction.

The hard work and commitment from everyone involved at Power and Network has firmly established us as one of the regional leading telecom contractors. After making a successful story in Tanzania, Power and Network Backup Ltd is progressively moving with high speed to reach rest of Africa


Management Team


The Culture

Our primary goal is to make our clients and their customers happy. We take extra care to ensure that all work is done to the highest standard. The towers we construct live within the larger community and are a part of our collective vision of the future.

We work with clients, local municipalities and city officials to bridge the gap and fulfil needs of every end. We ensure that the lines of communication remain open and that concerns are addressed quickly and professionally. Our reputation is based upon our personal commitment to our projects. We are dedicated to providing every bit of expertise and resources to deliver the completed project the client is hoping for.


SGR - Train Power Station

P&N has been subcontracted to construct Train Power Station under YAPI MERKEZI and Tanzania Railways Corporation.


The Tanzania standard gauge railways is a railway system under construction linking the country to the neighboring countries of Rwanda and Uganda and through these two to Burundi and later on Democratic Republic of Congo the new standard gauge railway (SGR) is intended to improve transportation in Tanzania


Fiber Installation and Maintenance

We do the following in Fiber Optic:

-Installation and related civil works


- Supply of fiber related materials

For both implementation scope we do underground and overhead.


Customer Reference

Halotel – Installation

Zantel Zanzibar – installation

Huawei - maintenance

SimbaNET – Installation and Maintenance

P&N has executed hundreds of projects throughout mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar. During years of implementation works in engineering projects we have attained high scores in health and safety. We delivered projects of superior quality to our clients.

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